Ubisoft’s We Dare Game

I found a rather interesting article this morning on Edge online (I am officially addicted to this website). It was about a game called We Dare, sounds intriguing doesn’t it? The article was based on the withdrawal of Ubisoft’s We Dare game in the UK, when it was set to be released tomorrow. This conclusion was released because tabloids were complaining about the content of the game and its 12+ rating. So I looked into the game a bit more because I have never heard of it…It is a very strange game, basically you play with friends through tasks that follow the theme of “sexy, quirky, party game”- found on Ubisoft’s website. In terms of a game I find it really weird, like why would you want to sit and find out if you are a good love match for you friends? The content sort of reminds me Japanese based love games, for instance there is an anime and manga called Vampire Knight, which follows the romantic genre perfectly; this was then taken into a video game that followed the love stories of the characters in the manga. In a weird way this is more acceptable, in my opinion, than the We Dare game, mainly because the main target audience for this type of game is women so if you are playing with a group of female friends, who are heterosexual why would you want to find out if you were a compatible lover? I understand the laid back joke aspect of it but this isn’t a game you would want to play with you mother or sister, actually any sibling… In terms of the companies side of things, Ubisoft have also withdrawn release from the USA, so maybe they think that other cultures will have a bigger/better response from the game. It is interesting to see how much culture can effect a games target audience. In the UK we think it is unacceptable to have a sex based game that has a 12+ rating but in Japan there are millions of love based games, like the Vampire Knight one. Funnily enough the Japanese companies who produce these types of game seem pretty set on keeping them in Japan as well.

A quote from the Ubisoft website depicting the unique controls.: “You can also use your Wii Balance Board for additional game play based on pure mass… are you the lightest one in the group? Perhaps shedding some clothes will even the playing field… it’ll definitely make the party more interesting!”

In terms of Ubisoft I don’t think they have done anything wrong, they have ventured out into a realm of games that has been undiscovered by western gamers and have made a successfully developed game out of it. They state on their website that the games target audience is 20-35 year old men/women, so they have highlighted the fact that the game does have suggestive content that should make it a game for older people. So the problem must lie within the PEGI rating. I shall look at this in another post.


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