Matatoro, directed by Mauro Carraro, Raphaël Calamote, and Jérémy Pasquet

Just found this lovely animation on motionographer, it shows a good example of 3d animation. The team behind this were studying at an animation school in France at the time. I especially admire the colours used within the animation because I think it gives the feeling of a 2 dimensional image. It strange, its like its an illustration in 3d form. Amazingly done, the model of the bull below is awesome.

Its the textures more than anything, I have never seen anything like this before. Its cool I found an interview with the guys who made it and they tryed various tests in photoshop to get the UV maps forthe characters but decided that the outcomeswhere too similar to what they had seen done before so they printed the UV maps out and drew over the tops of them in a traditional manner, which gave them the result you see.
The interview also gave an insight into a useful little tip – they used simple movements to put focus on the shot composition instead of the characters, so for y Maya aimation, I should use exaggerated animation to put focus on the character and narrative drive.
Also, a last point – The guys stated that the paid attention to the “flow” of pencil lines to give the character volume, because obviously they were working with 2D images and transforming them int 3D objects, but they also wanted to have the ‘vibrate’ effect which is seen within tradional 2D drawn animation. Maybe I should think about howmy UV map will effect the model? It seems like the artistic style of the UV map reflects withi the animation, so if I designed it in photoshop with crazy amounts of layers and texturing it may look. have a different effect as apposed to a perfectly shiny, straight edge design o the doll. Something to consider anyways.

Full article here.


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