Walking Animation

I am officially a speed demon today =). Literally came in to college at 9.30 this morn and I have done all of my flash animation for the walk cycle brief and its not even 4oclock yet =)

I have had an ok day working in flash. if I’m honest I am glad it is over and done with! Had a few problems trying to figure out the problem that a lot of people seem to be having with the export leaving artifacts. I used some of the other ideas that people had come up with but none of them worked for mine, so I did a little test and it worked yay =) I used the choice of export movie >then choose image selection.

This allowed me to take the image sequence into after effects then export it in there, it works perfectly now. YAY! I thought it was going to be really pixelated as it was on screen but that was just because I had the render settings at half for the real time view.


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