Acid Robot Background

As I did a scan through my blog I realised that I haven’t posted anything about my background design for the walking animation. I used the basic idea that the environment for my character was in a spaceship, this stemmed from my original sketchbook work on his back story. The idea is that he is left aboard a ship, alone and bored so he somehow malfunctions and gets obsessed with acid. It’s simple enough =) hey its only for a 15 seconds animation, no need to obsess over the finer details.I looked at a few old school games like alien trilogy, monkey hero and tomb raider for inspiration, as I wanted the theme to be fun but still with a dark decor. Alien trilogy was awesome research, plus it was a bloody good excuse to get my old PS out and glory in the pixels.

This is what I came up with, I didn’t revel in the details of it, instead I went for a quick solution for it, after all the animation is what matters not the background (I hate prioritising). For what this needed to be I think it does a good enough job.


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