Polygon Character Development

The character for my polygon is a little girl who is surrounded by a dark and gloomy environment as she winds up a jack in the box of polygons. I took a lot of inspiration from games and films which portrayed children as evil characters, here are the best examples.

For me the start of scary kids beings with Children of the Corn. I have only seen this film once and I don’t intend to watch it again. The original was released in 1984 and has that old style of horror to it, similar to the style in Rosemary’s Baby and Carrie. I guess the style is based on shock factor, the idea that unthinkable things are happening. Which in the Corn is seen through the idea that a society of children is making adult decisions. The fear is created through the idea that children should only do typical children stuff.

The Orphanage is a pretty freaky film, but te main scary part of this I the visual side of it. As you can see from the image, the children in the film are portrayed wearing really scary masks (I HATE that mask), but the idea of it being a child instills mo fear in the viewer than if it was just an adult – The Stranger’s wasn’t scary at all.


Other films that utilise children as being freaky as hell: Grudge and Ring – I won’t ramble about these two, there are better examples of them in games.

The Fear games and Silent Hill ones are some of these good examples, as well as Bioshock. They all portray little girls as being evil characters.


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