Simplicity can be the answer!

This is a follow on post from an earlier post about Goggle Chanel Japan’s 3D animation about street view privacy. The reason behind the previous post was that it showed a really simple way of creating a set an animating it, but I have actually found an even simpler stop-motion animation that still functions as an animation. It is called Ah, by Studio shelter.

As you can see the only thing used is Lego bricks, but as an animation it still holds fundamental principles. For instance the timing of the actions is perfect really, it has a comedy to the animation that links with the fact that people are being represented by tiny pieces of plastic. Also, there is some exaggeration shown through the sound of the piece. For my animations I have chosen to not add sound to them so this isn’t that helpful but hey. I love the Star Wars ref aswell, its funny because the animation gets serious with all the police etc but then the Deluxe AT-AT just cruises in! The loss of colour is really cool aswell, it makes you see the whole thing differently, like he colour is what led your focus and when its gone you are trying to look at everything at once.


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