The Silence Beneath the Bark by Joanna Lurie

This is a really nicely done animation, so I thought I would blog about it. Sadly, I can’t find anything about the software used or the process, so if anyone knows I would be grateful of the information.

The reason this is such a great animation is because of the cute little character that we get introduced to through  rather unfortunate event. I think this makes the viewer immediately feel sorry for the little guy. This sympathy is rewarded when we see his toothy grin fr the first time, the way this character is constructed just makes you fall in love with him (I say him but I don’t actually know what it is).

I like the effect where the snow the eat seems to run like paint into their body. It is visually very beautiful and well done and it also adds a warmth to the animation as you sit and reminisce about when you were a kid an you used to catch snowflakes on your tongue – those were the days.

A bit that I really like is a minor detail in the overall animation. It is around 7 minutes in when the two characters walk off into a snow storm. The snow is shown in some places to hit the ground and swirl round in a circle, almost as if it is a mini whirlwind. Even though this isn’t even that noticeable, I think it is a really nice touch to the animation, and it makes the snow seem believable, instead of it all following the same path. Also, when the snow hits the frozen over lake is really nice.


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