Whilst doing some research I came across this wiki page on Diegesis, I think its theory may spur some ideas for my article.

Diegesis- representation within fiction. This basically means everything that is happens within the fiction of the (fictional) world. It includes the situations and events narrated through the story and focuses on “telling, recounting as opposed to showing, enacting”. In essence diegesis is where a narrator implies or tells the thoughts of the characters to the audience. This applies to the world created in games quite frequently.  The idea of his theory lies in the nature of narration as a form of communication; instead of being the physically visual communication we get contact with the thoughts of the characters through the use of words. In games this is often an important factor of the narrative, whether internal thought or not. A good example would be in TR when Lara will often speak to herself in the game world; this is put in place to give hints to the player as to what to do next. It is also seen in Unchartered as Drake usually complains about his close encounters with death. This idea like I already said, gives the player hints to where and what to do next, so it is a vital par of the game play, but it is linked usually to visual hints as well. Those moment when the camera pans up and to the left when Drake has finished his dialogue are quite memorable. Nevertheless these hints are useful subtle tools that lead the player through the narrative of the game; it also probably acts to keep them immersed within the style of the game play.


Good sources:

Wiki – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diegesis

Plato’s Republic, Book 3


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