Concept Art?

I have recently been narrowing my field down, so that I am focusing on the concept aspect within the video games industry. This led me on to searching far and wide on the interweb to find concept artists that I particularly find interesting or influential as they are currently working with this industry.

My immediate reaction was to look on Concept Art World as it has featured artists every so often. My luck was up as I came across Stacey Diana Clark. She is a senior concept artist working at Monolith Productions Inc.

Not only does concept Art World give example o the artists work, they also give a link to their website/blog. On which you can see her progress through professional and personal work. I find it interesting how frequently she pots up a life drawing, mainly quick 15 minutes ones but nevertheless, it is helping her maintain a level of understanding of the body. If I want to advance into the visual side of concept I will need to start drawing, drawing, drawing! And life drawing seems to be the way that most creative’s I’m coming across use.

Link to Stacey Diana Clark’s Blog


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