Juliana Santacruz Herrera: Decorative Potholes

I know this isn’t exactly related to any form of work that I would like to aspire towards but I do find it interesting nevertheless.

Juliana Santacruz Herrera has brought a bit of colour to the streets of Paris with her Decorative Pothole project. It showcases braided pieces of colourful fabric, that are playfully placed in the potholes and cracks that line the usually grey city. They bring an unusual palette into Paris, sort of like graffiti but in a more polite manner.

I think the reason I was so drawn to this piece of work is the idea of alternate realities. What Herrera is doing with this piece of art is making the city of Paris have a different aura to the one that its citizens are use to. When I first saw the image above, I immediately started thinking of a why a crack within the earth this colourful would appear.  A lot of old movies come to mind, back in the day when CG wasn’t mainstream, like Wishmaster for example.  Also, Portal’s main game-play aspect jumps to mind.

Anyway the idea of making the citizen think in a different way to the way they used to is a well used theme; not only within Fine Art as I would describe this piece but also within newer games. If, for example, we were to place this idea within a game world; the idea that an AI was to trot out of their fictional apartment and begin their usual set routines. If they were to find an unusual object or impartial difference in these given tasks, whether it is the environment or the other characters, then this will inevitably change the outcome of the Ai’s actions, thus creating a base of narration.

I think I possibly need to further my knowledge into narration techniques within any form of fiction, so that I can gain a better understanding of what, and why certain things happen within storylines.


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