Let’s have some heavy rain in a war game =)

David Cage famously known as the Quantic Dream founder, has announced that the studio behind Heavy Rain is aiming to go heads on with the war genre. His vision for it is described as a ‘more cinematic, darker representation’. Now I do love Heavy Rain ad the idea of emotional gaming, but war is a very touchy subject. I do appreciate that within the games industry war is glorified a lot, so hopefully Quantic Dream will be able to adventure into the depths of war and have a positive outcome on how payers perceive games. Whether it would work, I don’t know, I’m not a serious war kind of gamer. Although I would say that the problem lies with the definition of games, they are meant to be fun and war isn’t. Are games making war fun? In essence yes but in concept no, they are simply making them enjoyable to the public through a medium, its exactly the same as films!


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