Lets all do the Voodoo Doll!

I have recently played on Bulletstorm after being forced by  friend as I hd previousy dismissed it on account of its demo.  I wn’t go into too much detail on the game as to not ruin anyones experience but all i’m going to say is well done, well done indeed. I’m a storyline freak, always have been, always will be, so upon playing thedemo of bulletstorm in which I was confronted with a ruthless, rough, and rather disgusting group of main characters I was severly put off the game. I thin it may have been thecheesiness of it all, justover the top witht he anti hero, seriously! BUT! I played it and when I found out the basic overview of the story I was quite surprised, because there is quite a good twist in it which I really liked. So, in terms of that, thumbs up! Anyways, I’m not keen on the whole point/arcade style of the shooter, but I have found an interview with Adrian Chmielarz, creative director, that was actually really interesting. In terms of the cre narrative, instead of using cut scenes to display amazingly graphic feats, they used them to show less ‘amazing stuff’. The reasn behind this was because they wanted to not have that moment when you have just fought through masses of enemies to get to the goal and then the cut scene start and your soul sort of dies alittle becuase you lose all that adrenline that was just pumping through your veins. Anyways, its an interesting concept to tone down he cutscene so that they seem less absract, but then it does lose some cinematic-ness, unless you have crazy angled cameras like Unchartered.


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