Some advice on how to break into 2011’s video game industry.

I know that this is slightly irrelevant as I will most likely not be working for a games companies in this next year, but it does have some very useful information.

Currently the mainstream video games industry is lead by major titles that cost millions of dollars to produce, this idea often comes with an idea of elitism, which often can put young graduates in despair of how to be good enough for the best companies out there. But, there is hope! As I found in the article, sometimes you need not worry about the elitist games, but instead focus on how to get good at what you want to do. In the article, it states some key points that now I’m reading them, seem very simple indeed. =)

Know your tools – apparently messing about in different forms of software can allow you to understand how and why you want to progress (I’m totally on the right course! =P) The article states that by understanding your software you can make the best out of it. So I suppose I need to start thinking about what it is that I like working in and possibly try out some of the software mentioned in the article.

Take advantage of social media – using Mine craft as an example the article suggests that instead of going all out on advertising just using social media and networking to promote the game is a cheap and effective way to do it. When I think about it, there is literally no reason for students not to be making games in their spare time and testing out the benefits of this form of promotion.

Finally, it’s all about dedication – pretty much speaks for itself.


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