Who should get the credit for making a game?

I have come across a blog post in which Randy Smith outlines the idea of authorship within the games industry. This is a subject that is often varied within the industry, sometimes certain people within a company are highlighted but most of the time when consumers think about a game they don’t think about the specific people who made it; so is this important?

Credit should be given to the development team but isn’t it ok that people praise the company as a whole as opposed to certain people? Within the blog post, Smith states that there is no real purpose to credits, and when I think about it, the only reason I research further is when I find a component of the game particularly interesting. Otherwise, it doesn’t bother not knowing on a personal level that made the game.  Maybe this is due to the heavy reliance on team cooperation within games. By working in a team you get used to sharing the credit. In reality the only thing that you can get from credit for a game on a personal level is an ego boost. Like Smith says, “there’s a matter of principle”, I suppose the lack of credit comes with the job. I think the gam design brief will really help meto understand this abit further as we will be asked to work in teams of three to produce a game in second life.


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