Texturing in Second Life

Today has been spent doing tutorials on how to texture objects in SL. So far I think I get the basic idea of a seemless texture, the idea of using Ps to paint files seems like a really simple way to approach this idea too.

I made a grass texture and a brick wall texture for these two prims, everything during the process was pretty simple, the only things I need to remember is this little box.

This is the texture settings box in SL, the important part of this is the repeats options as they allow you to re-size textures so they look more realistic. Also, the offset allows us to create texture maps like UV maps with multiple images on one. This would cost less Linden Dollars, and would mean we could upload more things.

The last thing we did is create a window using an Alpha channel in Ps, I haven’t used these before but like everything else they seem pretty simple.

Probably the most important thing I have learnt from this is how important textures are, especially seamless ones. In the game you notice all the little imperfections, so making them perfect is essential.


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