Whenever I think of gore, I always come up with Splatterhouse. the game prides itself on being able to have masses of blood spitting out of tiny cuts and bruises. Certainly not one for the faint hearted. As we are currently in a state of unknown-ness with this brief, I am exploring the gore-tastic side of a potential sunken temple horror game.

Splatterhouse, E3 trailer.

Splatterhouse would b a very good ref if we decide to go down this route, but as it is early days, I sort of feel like this would be a pretty obvious thing to do for the sunken temple brief. As soon as I read the brief I initially thought, Halo style alien invasions, looking towards AVP for refs. BUT I feel this is the totally obvious thing to do, so why do it? Then after realising I was in a team with Jade, we sort just came together to have a brainstorm and we came up with really messed up survival horror style concepts. Focussing a lot on the blood and gore. Now I’m starting to rethink this, maybe take a different approach to the brief. Hopefully, as a team we ca figure out a good concept but atm, I’m feeling quite restrained by the protagonist character, seen as he would be perfect in asurvival horror, he’s an unlikely hero.

Another good thing to note from Splatterhouse is the concept of the mansion environment, because the md scientist thatlives there is creating the house to become organic. In which, it is essentially alive, so there are those times when you face a wall/obstacle of ‘human’ flesh and as Rick, the protgonist, you have to tear it down in a wash of red. This idea of interaction with the environment follows on from my ideas from Trapt. The specifics of a living house/mansion environment though, I feel has been over-used, to a degree.


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