The Intial Idea

As soon as we got the brief, I started thinking up ideas for what we would like to visualise. This is an outline of our original ideas brainstorm, so that you can compare how much it has changed.

Prior to having Bill as a third person, Jade and myself came up with a very basic idea for the sunken temple. We envisioned it as a murky, horror setting in which we could combine our love of survival horror games as influence. This developed into us having a corridor which leads onto the main sacrificial chamber. The corridor is lined with bodies carved into the walls and ceiling, our initial ideas for why this would be is because they would help the sacrifice to come to terms with the idea of giving up their body for the Gods. It would be a final reminder that the body is separate from the soul. For the actual sacrificial chamber we had a simple idea that the deities/gods would be encased within the walls of the chamber; the blood from the sacrifice could run through the walls to reveal intricate details. We had a vision that the chamber would be old and in ruins,to add to the abandoned feel.

Key changes so far:

We have decided that instead of going down the obvious route we are going to make the chamber be pristine and untouched by man; we had an idea that white marble would look nice – should look at Minas Tirith for reference. We also had a plan that the character of Will Dyer could be a little less obvious too. Maybe go down the hot archeologist route, like Indiana Jones but instead of him being a typical naturally born hero, he could be more of a no faced hero, a normal man thrown into a dangerous situation.


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