Trapt, Tecmo PS2

I came across Trapt, a while ago whilst I still spend time and money on my PS2. It is a game in which you are a feeble young girl blessed with the power of a demon which enables you to create a variety of traps to kill and maim very slow-moving opponents. When I first began thinking of our new brief, the initial ideas that I had were very gore based, which is why I have jotted down this game as a reference. especially when they get to the part that is under the castle and its like a weird unused old drain with a massive water wheel. For some strange reason this style sticks in my head for the sunken temple brief. As part of my research I looked over some youtube videos of Trapt to try and see whether it was the right way to proced with the brief.  My verdict from this currently is no, but within the game there are these traps that are called Dark Illusions. The are specialist traps that utilse the environment, to do crazy deaths, muc like the finishing moves in Mortal Kombat. Anywhose, tis has gotten me thinking, that maybe we should play around with the idea of a way in which the environment interacts with the player? I’m not sur how easy this would be in SL though, but hey, we can come up with a concept =)


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