Fitting the pieces together.

Today after bringing in initial research and development, myself and Jade have been trying to fit our initial ideas together into one concise concept.

For the temple, Jade had done a few sketches of what she wanted to achieve from the concept. She had dabbled with incorporating human-esque structures into the chamber, using Oddworld as reference. She also had a hive idea in which a ‘hive-style mosque’ is suspended from the walls and ceiling of a cave. Finally the last, idea was that the peak of a mountain was transformed into a Mayan style temple. After talking through them, we decided that the hive was not only the most interesting but also the best choice for the brief; as the requirement is that the chamber is within a subterranean system – taken from the book.So the hive will be suspended within a half submerged cave deep in the bowels of a mountain.

We are looking at African mythology and style to achieve a carved look for the hive, this is so that we can incorporate the idea of the found bones from the book except that I found. We are thinking of putting bones into the foundations of the hive. This idea of bones also contributes to the corridor idea, this is where there are the remains of the sacrifices mounted onto the wall. These dead humans are covered in white clay, possibly; this is still in the experimental stage.

For the Elders, we decided that they shouldn’t be literal aliens, instead we are creating a prehistoric tribe that has been fossilized in the temple that they once built. The idea of bones also comes into play as we are thinking of developing some sort of bone armour based on bone piercings seen in tribes today. This is what will make them look, un-human/alien to Will Dyer. These Elders are going to be in a state of unconscious living. In which they function as the humans they once were but mentally they have lost their sense of ‘being’. This is due to the rituals that they used to undertake in the sacrificial chamber. These old inhabitants had a type of voodoo magic that enabled them to ‘steal’ the life of the living, which is why they were considered Gods in their time. For this we are looking at the references like Sin Eater and Enchanted. The sacrifices were given by the native Inuit tribes so that they could learn the secrets of eternal youth. The visual side of the Elders – we have decided on having them frail, like they are unfed, since they have been locked in the temple for thirty million years according to the book. Also got ref for the tribe would be Tribe.

During these millions of years the entrance to the cavern was lost during a landslide, in which the deities were trapped inside the temple and the Inuits were left to fend for themselves. The deities, were left without food inside the temple, so they stay within a hibernation sleep using a drug that allows them to slow their heart rates down. Similar to what is used in the first Saw movie and in Sherlock Holmes by Lord Blackwood. They then freeze up in the temple until Will Dyer finds them and they smell the scent of human flesh.


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