How to steer clear of being too Giger

I think a lot of links from this brief can be made towards H.R.Giger’s work, so I am going to try to stay as far away as possible from being ‘obvious’. I think the idea that we are working with currently is going really well. I think the Elder’s can be alter so that they aren’t too ‘alien’ to the viewers but in terms of Will Dyer, they are some preposterous creatures! I don’t want to go too overboard with the whole bone armour idea but I do very much like them being so encased in this armour and the ice(possibly) that they no longer appear human.

Something that I do want to take from Giger’s work is the mood that he creates through the use of composition. All of his work, whether painting or pen, has this awkward feeling to it. They seem ‘alien’, for want of a better word, to us as human beings. This eerie theme is something that I do think would translate perfectly into the brief.


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