Moodboard for Character.

Just a simple mood board that I have just produced for my character. I know I should have probably done this before I started drawing but I feel like I am stunting the work flow when I do that, so these are all the things I remember looking at, with a few new bits and bobs thrown in.

The look I want to portray is a 1930’s classic detective style. I like the fedora hats with the short back and sides. I want the character to be easily recognisable as being from this time-period. So, a three piece suit is in order, but as he is in the Antarctica I need him to have something warm. I thought that it would be awesome if they flew there so that he could have been given an aviator jacket by whomever was funding this dig; this would be standard equipment along with some sort of snow boot. This will also take the character away from the typical Indiana Jones style. Apparently in the 1930’s menswear became more subdued, with less colour; this was due to the Great Depression. So I shall have to incorporate this in some sort. Also, this is when longer jacket came into fashion. So maybe he could have a long version of an aviator?


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