Character Concept work – William Dyer

These are my initial ideas for the character of William Dyer. I have taken a classic 1930’s gangster approach. (Any excuse to watch Public Enemies) I do like the way this idea is going, ad so do my other team mates. From the Presentation, it seems like a unique approach, the other groups doing this brief, who are keeping it 1930’s have taken a more Indiana Jones, classic explorer design, whereas I am trying to go for an ex-pilot approach. I am aware that I have no idea whether the USA did the same national service as we had in the UK until 1960 but if not h can maybe have lived in the UK ddurin hi teenage years or maybe h was born over here and left when he was 25 to take up a job at a University in America. Who knows? Anyways, this is a starting point.

Good points

– definately keep the aviator jacket, just need to develop this concept further. Think it should be more stylised – possibly get some crazy pockets in there, so he can keep all his gadgets on him?

-Keep the detective look, possbly watch The Thirty-Nine Steps (original) to get a feel for an espionage film noir style of character, or maybe even dabble in a Scarlett Pimpernel-esque style?

Bad points

-the face, I need to get away from the ‘hot’ look that is going on. More ruth and rugged – ex-serviceman, use older posts on Brink, the ruth, scarred fighters. Possibly Zoran Lazarevic, antagonist in Unchartered 2? Or is that going a tad too far?

-his hair is in a classic style frm this era, but he wouldn’t just be cruising around in the Antrarctica with a comb and gel, so maybe take into account how long it has taken him to travel to this place, will he have stubble? Most likely he would have gotten a plae to the bottem of Argentina, then a boat to Antarctica. So, he can have a full on beard, that he has recently trimmed with scissors due to the iminent boat landing. So, his hair would be overgrown, hmm, i’m thinking Die Another Day style – you know where he gets captured in the prison for ages and they like torture him.

These last two pages are some little bits an bobs about accessories etc.


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