A bit of advice

Seen as we are doing scripting at the moment, I managed to steal a chat with a friend that works professionally as a programmer. He doesn’t work directly in SL or even in games, but he did a programming degree in computing, so he knew what he was talking about. I found the talk really useful as he told me what it was like in his various previous and current job in a professional manner. I also found out some little bits and bobs that are probably really simple but I thought they were interesting! For instance, the reason that the script is tabbed in, is to make it easier for other people to understand. So the only things that should go at the edge are the beginning and end of scripts. He also stressed that one of the best skills you can have is not to be able to actually write script from scratch but to instead be able to read it and know where it has gone wrong.

I know these may not fully correlate over to game scripting but I did find the chat useful, mainly because I have found scripting quite interesting and would consider doing more of it in the future.


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