Build Part 2

I am getting somewhere! At an extremely slow pace =( I have been working all day and so far have made the ritual chamber and the spiral staircase that leads to it.

So this is where we left off in the previous Build post. after a hell of a lot of fiddling about I have managed to position the middle platform in, Some thing that does worry me is th fact, that this thing is so big!!!

Even though in my head I would have liked the central sacrificial bit a tad larger, I was refrained due to the max meter prim limit. But I still think it does its job, It does look a tad lost in the center of the bigger floor, but if you think about it, only two people would have been in the central part – the shaman Elder and the sacrifice whilst he other villagers would be situated around the edge, witnessing the ritual. So, basically a lucky fluke on the floor plan =)

I moved onto the central staircase, as I thought it was the most strategic point, start from the top and work my way down. I tested it out using my avatar, just to make sure it would work, as I had some issues with the ritual chambers floor, as I had neglected a massive hole that ran along the edge of the main sphere. Although it was quite fun watching my avatar fall through it, I needed to make sure it was correct as we don’t want anybody falling through floors during our machinima filming or just in the beta testing stage.

Another problem that arose was as I placed my spiral staircase under the entrance to he ritual chamber, I realised that there were going to be some holes in the flooring due to having two circles facing opposite ways.  I corrected this by building up a back plate, that can be seen in the screen sho above. It isn’t in our original blueprints but I do like the style of it, it makes it appear more like a grand chamber as opposed to just an open semi-circle. Another thing that I do really like the style of the architecture, as everything seems to be on multiple levels, and it gives off a very welcoming feel. I know this isn’t the atmosphere we were going for, but we can achieve that by placing this into a massive dark box, with only torches as light sources.

This is jut an idea for a camera angle that I could use in the machinima. I think it gives a daunting feel, especially considering that he Elders are looking down on the protagonist as he enters the room.

I’m happy with the progress and believe that I am working so slow because of the complexity of our build. Which, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I like a challenge.


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