Making our original concepts work

As we have been playing around in SL, the general builds so far have been drifting further away from the original concept idea. So to make sure that we don’t go off track and just start building stuff for the sake of it, I have put together this side view plan so that we can stick to what makes sense. I have done this as I feel that new ideas have been added, up until this point and I don’t think it is a healthy way to be working. Instead we should be focusing on an idea that will work, not only aesthetically but also in terms of the back story/narrative ideas that we already have.

This is my drawing, of the basic idea, but when you combine it with te concept art that both myself and Jade have been producing at a steady pace, it does make total sense.


1 = Entrance Platform
2 = Bridge
3 = Hive Entrance
4 = Central Staircase
5 = Blocked Cavern Entrances (either with rubble or a solid door)
6 = Preparation Room
7 = Staircase from Corridor of Death to Preparation Room
8 = Mural Wall ? (It was just an idea. It would face the staircase and there was nothing else to go on it, so thought it might be cool)
9 = Corridor of Death
10 = Spiral Staircase
11 = Ritual Chamber
12 = Secret Staircase from Chamber to Preparation Room

Now my next move is to head into SL and start building this. I shall post my results.


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