The hexagonal room.

So I am finally around half way through the build, and have come across he hexagonal room, alternatively known as the preparation room. I noticed that because I changed the idea for the main staircase, that this has thrown everything off track… So, to make it work I have redesigned the hexagonal room so that it fits better. The problem lied in te fact that my original scale was way too big for what I could possibly do with 10 by 10 prims. So I have altered the hexagonal room into this shape.

We now have four side rooms that act as the holding place for the murals, this has been derived from the original idea to have the murals on pillars that were situate in a circle in the center of the room. Due to the room being limited to a certain size, it wasn’t feasible to have both the murals and the prep materials in such a small space. Hence, why we have side rooms.

I’m not sure whether I have mentioned this before or not, but the idea of the murals being on stones in the middle of the room came from the storage chamber in Blade that contains all the texts that depict vampire law.


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