Character Development

I have been messing around with our protagonist, trying to make him look abit more rugged. I prefer this style a lot more than the previous ones I had been doing. I think it works better; it adds a more believable sense to it, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I feel more comfortable drawing in this style.

I changed the hair, by adding more of it, but I still wanted it to look nice but unkempt at the same time. I changed his under clothes in more suitable ones; I went down a thermal approach by adding in nicely thick pants (I am aware his legs look crazy, still not great at drawing them), and instead of a shirt and tie we have a lovely polo neck jumper. The coat he is in, is a tad too fashionable, so on the turnaround I shall make it slightly less fitted around the waist, the end of the sleeves should be tighter, still need to add in pockets and make the collar less for show, more purposeful. Just generally make it more useful, I think these problems are here because I used some fashion images for reference but hey, it might add to the user playability. Also, this just popped in my head, maybe add in some gloves? It would make sense being in the freezing Antarctic, for him to have gloves.


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