Will D Character Inspiration

Now I don’t actually watch Fringe, but as I talked to a friend about the brief and our bullet points for the main character, they mentioned the character of Peter Bishop.

The thing that drew me to this character is the fact that he is an intelligent individual, as he has an IQ of 190 and got a place at MIT – awesome technology university – but he also has a bad streak. He dropped out of college and falsified a degree, because he had serious gambling debts. In terms of our Will D, I think looking at Peter B, inspired me to keep him as a sort of a bad character who should have been good. I think this could come about due to his civil service, maybe go down a Jacob’s Ladder route, saying that his mental breakdown is due to his experiences of the first world war.

I will go into this in more detail in the character pro forma for Will, but I definitely think it is a good idea to go down the mental stability route, as I think it works well in-game narratives. A good example of this is Batman:Arkham Asylum; the player is thrown into a world which steadily falls in and out of reality and dream/nightmare. In the game this is due to Scarecrow’s ‘fear’ inducing drug, but I think we can play around with the idea of a dreamlike mental state of mind.

Other good things to look at for this are, The Cell(film), just because it ventures into the mind of a killer, but also as Jade mentioned a while ago, Silent Hill. In one of them, I cannot remember which, you play as a male character who always sees female representations of enemies, and this is because of his sexual frustration that is consuming his mind in Silent Hill. Obviously, I wont go overboard, with reasons, explanations etc for the characters as I have other work to be doing, but it does help me to understand why and often how he would react to things.

Just a side note here: the idea of this mental instability could be due to the Great Depression? Maybe he has family back home that he is worried about?


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