My love of second life is starting to grow thin.

I am having a wonderous battle with second life currently; all those bits it decided to duplicate in exactly the same place, are all popping up now as I start applying textures. Oh, but this isn’t the worst of it, earlier I had a lovely time trying to move the hive into position in the lake, half of it deleted on the first attempt and the second attempt, well, lets just say certain parts decided not to move with the main structure…even though I shift-clicked around 50 times before trying. So I pretty much wasted the first half of the day trying to figure out why my little love affair has started to go pear-shaped.

The re-build

We have an invisible wall to make sure peeps don’t fall off the stairs whilst walking up there. I don’t think it was massively necessary, but it was fun to fiddle about with now my x and y coordinates are on diagonals again. Oh, how I missed those days.

As I began placing Jade’s textures, I started noticing problems. One of them was that the original floor texture for the hive had too much of a contrast in the light and dark colours, which made it obvious that it was a repeated pattern. So, Jade whipped up this variation, wich works a lot better. It has less obvious bits in it but you can tell close up that its got a slight colour gradient to one corner; maybe I’m just picking this out because I have been staring at it for way too long…

We have an issue with some overlapping texture, that this image doesn’t do any justice! It is in the prep room, on the floor, where two square floor prims overlap. The only way I think of solving this is if I  lower one of the prims, as I have done this in other places and it has works; they seem to rub when the surfaces are closer together.

The altar that looks like a turtle shell. This wasn’t our intention, but now we have done it, I rather like it! I like how subtle the grooves in the altar are, almost like its innocent, but when you look at the side of it theres all this gummy blood… Possibly need to add more blood to the top of the alter actually. As Jeff pointed out, it looks like a stewing pot for cannibals.

I love this texture. Its our exterior bone texture, an as you can see I am applying it to everything simply because it is our best texture so far. What I have noticed with it, is how well it works with our other textures. I think it throws a slight hint of colour in amongst the grays and blues, this add wonderfully to the feel of the hive. It makes it seem more alien; which I think was needed as with the whole build I struggled using the limitations of second life and my inexperience, to make the hive look organic. Th textures really add to this, it gives it this weird alternate reality feel, similar to the Silent Hill games, which is good really as it means we have stayed fully on track. Much like in Fallout 3 where you go to Tranquility Lane and everything turns to grayscale, when you enter the hive it sort of messes with your mind. The structure is solid, exact and very much mn made, whilst these odd grays and blues leak all around th floor, walls and ceiling, it induces a level of fear based on the unknown. I think this is a good thing because I think originally it is what we wanted to get out of our concept, but because I built it and I’m not great at building it, this is where it suffered in the transition of concept to reality; but with Jade’s ‘take’ on the texture instead of going for a basic realistic visual side, we have this weird, haf hard-edged, half delicate, soft curves, almost like vines. This is what really sets it apart from everything else. So, really, me not being able to figure second life out has meant that we have created something out of this world.


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