Elders – Male Warrior Turnaround

From starting with an initial sketch on paper I developed the design into a full turnaround. Compared to the original, this is the more complicated one. I decided to go down a route which meant that this particular Elder was fond of taking ‘trophies’ from his fallen foes, both human and animal. So, his ‘skirt’ is now made up of a mixture of tied together pieces of both hair and hide. There are just enough pieces to cover up genitals and keep him decent, I doubt a gamer, female more so, would want to be faced with that imagery whilst cruising around trying to kill an Elder. Plus, it’s generally avoided at all costs in games, usually fully nude scenes have strategically placed objects. Anyways, back to the point!

In terms of taking this into second life, we are going to face a few difficulties! The hair/pelt attached to his mask is going to be hard as, it will need to be made up of a number of prims. The problem is the actually volume of the hair, as I have tried to design it so that it looks matted and in grained with dirt etc, which has made it become slightly held in place but still able to move. I don’t actually know if that is even possible in second life…? Well, hopefully it is, if not I guess it is just one of those things that will have to be simplified for the game mechanics. Designing for games is way too complicated for my tiny little brain, you have to consider everything!


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