All the bits I intended to write about, but forgot about,,,until now!!!

Ok, so this is just a catch up post of some screenshots I had in a folder.

When I found some time, I added in the detail in the ritual room, so that it stuck to our original concept. We simply have the fire pits, which sadly I doubt we will have time to put mangled remains in, but hey! The altar is now completely covered in blood, to give an obvious focal point to the player; as it stands out from the room.

For our murals, myself and Jade decided to place them in the prep room, sort of like a ‘bible’ as to which the sacrifice can look at and realise their fate; a final reminder of an ultimate sacrifice, if you will. The image above shows, the first mural that Jade produced for the team, Once we got this into second life we decided that instead of it being on one of the walls in the sub rooms, we thought it should be the first thing you see as soon as you enter the room from the stairway. This also gives direction to the player, as our concept follows a non-linear narrative, we wanted obvious things for the player to notice, but not too out-of-place things. I think this is important because, I personally find that with linear games you tend to take minimum awareness of your surroundings, whereas puzzle-solving linear games and non-linear games need to have more detail and purpose placed into their design. After all, most non-linear games are based on a player searching for something. So you need to become immersed in that world to know what you are looking for. I know this is a little off subject, but is it a good thing to make certain things hard to find? Take Fallout for example, that games sticks so closely to its core concept that sometimes, you run past a key item like five times before you manage to find it. These are the types of things that I have been considering in terms of the design of the interior hive.

So after all this debating, we decided to place the main mural on this wall straight ahead. Oh, by the way, the mural is designed based on the idea of  the star points and the eye, which we took from the graphic novel The Courtyard by Alan Moore, which has a core Lovecraft theme.

So, Jade whipped up an intense mural alpha channel that was used in the sub rooms of the prep room. This sticks to the idea of an obsessive nature to the tribe, the fact that they repeat things over and over; and all in the name of religion! This idea then got developed by myself to become the phantom walls to the actual sub rooms. This is half fictionally based, to add an essence or a reminder to the player, that this is still a game. I got this idea because I originally thought it would add a nice touch to the prep rooms by separating each room; which links to the idea/reason for the sub rooms, being these mini ritual rooms. In which the sacrifice is left for periods tied up, for multiple reasons. I also so think it adds a nice mythical edge to the room, and it looks really nice aswell, especially at night.


This is a first person view of the prep rooms. As you can see, these phantom walls, make the main mural have a higher directional value, but the player can still choose to explore them aswell. Basically, a non-linear design within a single room. Which, to be honest I think I subconsciously designed it this way, through the whole process of having to change it into sub-rooms; this offered up this possibility.

Just another shot of the phantom walls.

I am the rope queen. =) After Annabeth showed me a little trick of how to create real looking ropes and knots, I got a little obsessed with them. It isn’t all in vain though because they are a key part of the design of the hive, they were here from the offset as the things that kept the hive suspended.

I felt and still feel that the hive is lacking objects so, I made this really simple skull mound. I know I shouldn’t worry in too much detail about the objects as they aren’t one of my roles, but I do feel that the use of roles within our group sometimes goes a little off track. I reckon it’s because of ownership.


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