And finally I understand the textures panel…

It may be the end of the brief, but I finally have full control over the textures. YAY! I actually cannot believe I had so many problems with such a simple thing though. I think it was trial and error mainly, like remembering to check if I’m on the select face tool and making sure the objects aren’t linked together.

There are a few slight issues with some of the textures like the image above, the lines don’t quite match up in a few places, but I honestly don’t know how to rectify this, I spent hours fiddling with the damn thing, just to try to make it flow as a whole. Which, I think is the best way to look at it, after all this is only meant to be prototype, and considering the issues we have had, in the real world it would have solved masses of problems in the actual production and further development of such a game.


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