Sharing the concept!

Throughout the brief, myself and Jade have been sharing the concept work, fairly equally. I haven’t ever had to share concept with anyone else, but on this brief I am glad that I have, as I found my time stretched with the building of the hive etc.

Even though I don’t have the time to actually do all the character’s concept work, we have managed to work something out. Jade has taken on the lead conceptual role, as she is making the textures for the build as well as doing the majority of the environment concept art and two of the characters as well. Whilst she is doing this, I have been busy building in second life, focusing on the interior of the hive, with Bill doing the exterior. For me this was an unusual role as I am more interested in the concept side of things, but I still have two of the characters, all the proformas and generally all the narrative aspects plus the ‘how this all fits together’. So, I suppose I am technically a sort of leader?? Just on the basis that if something doesn’t fit with the concept it shouldn’t be in our area on second life really.

Anywhose, I have found working as part of a concept team very interesting. I like the combination of our styles more than anything. Sort of like mincing together two demented minds, formed from years of playing survival horror games.

Back to the point Zoe! We have been brainstorming about the female elder character, which has undoubtedly been under quite a lot of debate. At first we swayed towards her being a siren style character who lured the prey into the hive, but after consideration, she started to become more of a tougher, battle hardened warrior; similar to the male elder. From this Jade started designing her, and she is looking awesome. WE decided that she should be almost like a geisha (I love how I always pull inspiration from books!) nearly fully covered up in some form of clothing, but with a a certain piece of skin showing, that is a direct contrast to her clothing. So, Jade suggested she has really dark skin, with lighter clothing on. I like it! Can’t wait to see it.


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