Spine stairs that aren’t really spine stairs.

In our concept work we wanted the bones found in the cave to be incorporated into the design of everything. In some cases this worked out, and in other it didn’t.

This is an image of some stair that inspired the design of the spiral staircase into the ritual room.

Now, don’t get me wrong the stairs I produced do resemble these stairs, but I did have difficulty with the actual incorporation of bone style structures. So, when you look at the design of the hive it is very man-made, almost to man-made. I think the reason for this was simply because I struggled with the build itself. I was also pushed for time as I had concept work to do. So, the actual prototype of the hive isn’t what it should be in some places, which I think is because we tried to achieve to many things with the textures instead of using a few extra prims or even a sculptie to achieve a more accurate design. But I was pushed for time and the other two team mates seemed to have other roles to accomplish, so I didn’t want to harass them by giving them more work. Team work is a tough cookie to figure out…I don’t actually know who has done what as most things are missing from blogs; but i guess that is a lack of communication.


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