Yay, we have fire =)

Just checked second life and we have fire now thanks to Billy.

Only problem is that it doesn’t yet have any sound or a light source within it…and I cannot access it because it doesn’t have the no copy and modify off of it…. hopefully it won’t take too long to rectify, although I would have liked to have had all the fire scripts in by now, just so that we can figure out how the max three light sources at one time will work out in the machinima..

On another note, my computer hates second life at the moment. I noticed that certain bits and bobs had disappeared earlier like these –

I asked Jade to check for me as she was online aswell and she said they were fine on her comp, so I guess mine just sucks at the mo…. I apologise now if some of these posts etc are duplicated, I may have tried to rectify this before asking Jade…so, yeah. I can’t actually tell if there are two or one or none, so I’m stuck really…


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