Africa Influence

Throughout our development African designs, and concepts of religion etc have been a key influence in our process. I did spend a while scouring through the library for relevant books and managed to find this little gem:

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These are images from the book African Art, which I found particularly useful. The images i the slide show depict the basics of what I was looking at. I found the power sculptures very interesting, as the tribe we were designing would have used similar  items to symbolize power. This is where the idea of collecting trinkets from their foes came into the design, as I wanted to include it as it is used in many designs for strong powerful warriors. The other images were mainly influence for our colour palette and the textures that we made. I also found looking at adobe buildings useful because they made me simplify the designs for the hive; seen as the hive didn’t need to be spectacular, instead it should look earthly and home made.


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