On an side note…

As I was thinking  over the idea, I realised that some of the things that we want to incorporate link a film I once saw. It’s called Dumplings, directed by Fruit Chan, and depicts the extremes that a woman goes to remain youthful and beautiful. Now, I know that this doesn’t actually relate to our brief but in a way it does. To remain beautiful the women seeks a type of witch women who knows a secret recipe to make a certain dumpling that allows the eater, longer lasting youth. The actual secret ingredient for the dumplings is premature babies; which in terms of our crazy tribe religions I think something along those lines will work well. This fits in with the idea of pregnancy that I have been exploring. Plus, in general the idea that older people can gain youth from younger people. Almost like they are stealing life from them, similar to what happens in stardust and Hocus Pocus.

Also, on a side note, I incorporated some ropes in the prep room, as I thought that the side rooms needed more purpose. The idea here is that they are used as pregnancy rooms. I came up with this idea after thinking about the tribes culture in Cannibal Holocaust.

I was trying to find a good image of the part where they tied up the women during childbirth and and the female tribe people gather round her. I know this idea is abit extreme but I think it is well considered in terms of our concept. Especially the idea of these little cult things that the tribe see as normal but when the outsiders (Americans) come to the tribes land, they see them as weird and strange. I think this is the type of feeling that Will would experience when coming to the hive. He would be fearful but survival mode would kick in; as is the theme in most horror. I do also like the shaman in cannibal holocaust. I like the simplistic style, you know, he is just a guy with some straw on his head. He still induces fear though, just through his actions and far out style. Also, I think within the film, the fact that they cover there bodies in the white paint is quite a statement. It make you think why do they do this? Are they trying to be like the white men? Or is it part of a ritual etc? Maybe a certain belief that it grants them the power to eat other human beings? The theme of cannibalism is a strong idea within our concept as well.


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