Week 1 – Transmedia and Media Hybridity

The term transmedia storytelling, means that stories and narratives are or can be told in many forms of media. This has come about due to the digital age that has advanced to allow multiple forms of media being able to sync a narrative. What is important about this is that we often see migratory characters forming.  In most cases this can be seen as a good thing, as viewers want to see more of a ‘good’ (well fleshed out) character. Although this doesn’t mean that transmedia is always for the best. In some context it is used to purely gain more money out of a one trick pony.

My mind is currently unbiased in relation to transmedia. I read an article not too long ago in Wired magazine titled ”Transmedia’ holds back storytelling’, and I believe that some important points were made within it, so I am going to outline them here. Paul Bennun describes how the term multi platform or transmedia implies that we ourselves don’t understand how to categorise content. He states that words like transmedia ‘don’t consider the true nature of our new “programmes” — the way in which their elements interoperate. Until we fix that, we can’t describe what we do; what we do won’t live up to its potential.’ (Bennun, 2011).

Media-specificty helps us define what traits determine the differences between technology. I suppose if something is transmedia, we should break it down into its separate areas and rate it on them individually, What would happen if you had a game that used live action sequences, would it be rated as a game?, a film?, or separately?


Bennun, Paul, 2011, ‘Transmedia’ holds back storytelling. Wired.co.uk Archives [website] 5 July, Available at: http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2011/08/ideas-bank/paul-bennun [Accessed 29 September 2011].


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