It’s like dressing up a doll!

Today I have been messing around with clothing ideas for my character Tiffany. As my theme is a futuristic world I am going to develop a set of clothing ideas that encompass this theme. I have been looking at futuristic fashion on google images mainly and have come across some very interesting references.

I came across a website/blog called Demiurge New York, which looks at several designers collections and gives relative feedback on them in context to the design. On this website I have taken notes from a few of the posts. Here is what I found:

This Bruno Pieters Fall/Winter 2009 collection, there is a definite theme of structure within the design. The clothing itself is semi-futuristic in my opinion, I think the straight cut folds and edges that shape the body give it a modern feel and vibe.An important thing to note is the use of geometric shapes, as they are what really makes this style work as a modern design. For Tiffany’s clothing she should most definitely have some geometric shapes. I also think that they make the style more professional, which will fit in with the idea of the day workers and the night workers social divide and hierarchy. A more professional design would be issued to a night worker.The colour palette in also very important for Pieters futuristic warrior collection. Black is the predominant colour, with copper and bronze thrown in. This is important as we associate clean solid colours with futuristic design. The last thing I would like to note is the plated armour effect that this collection has. It is very sophisticated yet it emphasises power in a simple way. It’s not too in your face. I think this is important as my character is meant to be part of an anti-‘collective cause’ group, so she is a powerful woman. The only thing that I think this collection doesn’t encompass is the feminine side of my character.

This Fall/Winter collection by Jeremy Laing also has a futuristic style to it. It is more punk/bad ass than the Pieters collection above. I think this is a very important as the character is meant to be a little bit of a rebel. Just a pinch though as in this type of dictatorship society, there wouldn’t be access to really radical clothing; the citizens are meant to be ‘clones’.

Similar to Pieter’s, Laing’s collection uses a monochromatic palette. Playing heavily on the silvers and shiny materials. These have always been catergorised as futuristic colours, probably due to old B movies with space ship made out of tinfoil in., who knows! I particularly like the collars on the clothes in this collection, especially the two coats. I think in themself they express attitude. Another thing to note is that the hair is always very sleek. Nothing is out of place in these designs.

Lastly we have Hugo by Hugo Boss Men F/W 2009

The thing that stands out about this is the patterns, they remind me of Tron, I’m not quite sure why though. The clothing style is very sleek, fitted and tight. So, really it is the patterns that make it seem futuristic. I will play around with including these but I’m not quite sure how they will fit in…




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