Sticking to plans is impossible!

Last year my main trouble was that my form of planning involved me simply making a list of what needed to be done. I didn’t include any form of timescale or repercussions if I didn’t do things. So I am trying out a new method, I have made myself a little calender in which I can write in what needs to be done in exactly what time frame.


I included in my hours at work and my uni scheduled hours so that I could fit things around this schedule.

As you can see, after the first week of this trial, I haven’t been sticking at the plan. Part of me thinks that this is simply due to the fact that I am trying to fit too much into the time I have. This could be the case I have had extra hours this week at work. Also, it could be because I am being too optimistic with how long it takes to do things. I am going to take both these into consideration for the planning of this week, starting the 10th and hopefully it will rectify it.

Colour Key-

Green – Uni hours

Orange – Work

Blue – Completed

Red – Incomplete, or it has to be moved to another day. Any changes!


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