Finalised Character Sheet

I have finally got my full character sheet together, I hope you enjoy it!!


Character Sheet


Name: Tiffany Jacobs


Height: 5 foot 5”


Age: 27


Background info

–          Family

She is from a rich family, which entitles her to work during the night. Her brother is the victim, Micheal. She has always been discontent with living in the city, but cannot leave due to the high security issues, if she got out she probably wouldn’t get back in – it is too much of a risk. Her other family is irrelevant to the game but she is distant from her parents and her brother. This is due to her wanting to escape the hierarchy of the city. The rest of her family is very pro ‘collective cause’.


–          Education

She received a very good education due to her family upbringing. Similar to the way it is going in reality, education is now based on how much money you have. In this society it rules, so if you have a better education you have a better life, or so ‘they’ say. Tiffany disagrees with this so she has somewhat dismissed her education. She has a lower level job on the moon force, which is around 7 levels lower than she could achieve. I think the society of work is run by and heavily influenced by the idea of point systems. I think this will be a relevant idea as it sort of reinforces the 80’s style theme. From my lessons in Critical studies I have found that when technology was first on the rise, people thought that it was going to rule the 21st century, this game follows that vision.


Physical description

Tiffany is a very innocent looking person; she is also very ‘normal’ to the city she lives in. Her body structure is petite, slender, with average proportions for a human. The only thing that is out of place is her slightly elongated face.  The type of style that the game has is a very sleek, futuristic approach, which influences her appearance. I decided that she would have very scruffy, short/medium length hair, which is a variation of mousey brown and blonde in colour; this alongside her faint ginger freckles will add to the ‘innocent’ styled design. The hair length and colour is used as it makes her look very human, I want this as I want the player to be able to connect with her. This aspect is very important as it also adds to the emotional connection that the player will get with the character. I want to put across a sense of need in Tiffany that will be expressed through her characterisation.

Her clothing also follows the theme. I have opted for a very 80’s inspired futuristic design. Mainly as it throws a curve ball into the style, instead of it just being all obsessively futuristic, I think that if it is more ‘old school’ then I will be able to enforce more of a personalised style, as industry games recently seem to be steering more towards the ‘serious’ side of sci-fi. She will be wearing a dress that is very structured in its design. I will leave all the analysis of this for the actual worksheets. The main gist of the clothing is that it is designed to be used for work. She will be a lower level night worker, and thus, at the time of the game, she will be dressed for work. Possibly she is on her way to work, when she stops at the apartment, or maybe she is on her lunch break, who knows.


Character Traits

Shy, Kind, Feminine with a tomboy touch, girly, takes pride in appearance, extremely self-conscious.


Story Purpose

In the level specifically – she acts as a point of information. She is there to give the answers to the detective about what has happened, she reveals this part of the storyline.

In the overall story – she is a sub-character that plays an important role in the story development. The apartment is the first time we see her, she has been connected out of the blue by her brother, he has asked her to go to his apartment to access some protected files that he needs for the business meeting that he is away on. Tiffany uses her DNA to access the building and get up to the 291st floor. Upon entering the apartment, at first she doesn’t notice that anything is wrong, she takes a quick glance around, then starts up the main computer network, whilst waiting for it to load, she notices that the door leading to the balcony is open. She heads over to it, and steps into some sticking liquid on the floor, it is a puddle of blood. She heads out to the balcony and notices that the far railing has been broken, shattered glass is on the floor. The grass area has signs of a commotion; tufts of grass have been usurped.  She walks edgily over to the banister, and looks over the edge, there is no-one to be seen. Shaken up, she runs back into the flat to call the authorities. After doing so, she notices that the computer has a window open on it; she cautiously walks over to see that it has been accessed remotely, several of the hard drives have been corrupted. What files has someone been trying to destroy?

After the level, she will play the role of temporary investigator; she is going to look into the events of that night to find out why her brother had been set up and how. Although, without knowing it her prying into the conspiracy, is exactly what the villain/s want her to do, as she is also a vital key to the story. That is why she received the email from her already dead brother, asking her to go to the apartment. In the end, the protagonist will have to eventually save her, somehow.


Gameplay Purpose

She unlocks several parts of the story (playable character), plus she is a motivational character for the protagonist. The player has to save her.




She is anti- ‘collective cause’.


Special Abilities

She knows advanced kinesis control, this makes her sort of like a futuristic mage. Kinesis control is when an organism can control the bodies’ natural movement or activity of a cell or an organism in response to a stimulus. This means that the user can use that unused natural power to create a physical response. These depend on what the stimulus is. This is her main battle technique.



She acts as a shadow to the protagonist, in the sense that she can control the repressed weakness of the protagonist. This makes them a good battle team. It also is part of the development in the story as she helps the protagonist realise his individuation.

In herself she acts as the Scarecrow, an unknowing decoy and distraction. Whilst the protagonist chases around at loose ends, he realises that she is always one step ahead of him, this causes the unknowing relationship between the two.


General disposition

Within level – generally distraught, confused, in shock.

In general – Calm, collected.



Smoking, she has always had a smoking addiction. It developed from her troubles in the family – sort of a rebellion against the strict upbringing.



She is a keen smoker, also one of her vices is to be in the know, and this is a vice as it means she has a dependency on being connected via the network. An emotion that she is plagued with is fear and worry, she has no end of these. They cause her to feel guilty at the smallest of incidents, hence why she becomes a Scarecrow archetype as opposed to being a True hero. Her consciousness is an illusion of her own self-esteem.



Natural light, she loathes the pre formed light that is switched on at 15-20PM every day to act as extra light. She much prefers the suns natural rays of light, even though they aren’t around for long, she gets up super early to make sure she never misses them.

Individuality. Being independent.

Savoury foods.

Knowing everything that is going on, hates being out of the know.



When her hair goes curly when wet.

Generalisation, I’m thinking that the ‘government’ in this fictional world has developed into a way of generalising things; they keep a lot of things hidden, so the citizens are expected to live constantly not knowing the true reasons for what they are doing. She is strongly against this mindless human production. This could possibly run into a bigger storyline plot? Am I thinking too much on a character proforma…I think I shall develop this idea somewhere else!!

Anyways, another dislike is heights, hence why she will be so tense on the 27th floor of a swanky apartment block.

Not a hate, but she fears larger animals.



She is a tutor/teacher for the privileged, her subject area is within the CMP (controlled minds programme), where she teaches Kinesis control on a basic level to learning Whytches (name is a working process).




Her ultimate goal is to find out what part her family has played in the conspiracy, and why it is happening.

-Plan to achieve goal?

Follow the source of information through the storyline to find out what has happened, when she meets up with the detective at the later level, she joins up with him to find the end point.

What does she want?

To solve the conspiracy, to help her realise that her thoughts and feelings against her family had been right all along, she wants self-confirmation.

– Why does she include herself in this situation?

Similar to the above, self-confirmation, but also because she has a direct link to it, it’s her family that is involved. In the overall storyline, she is meant to get involved, as they want something that she owns, they make it seem like she is unimportant but she is the key to the plotline twist.


Trademark Object/Features:

The eye make-up is a signature feature of her design as it is unusual in the moon force, it is much more common in the sun force, it shows that she once used to work within the sun force.

A cigarette could be a trademark object, otherwise I think that it will be her ‘aura’ especially when she is a playable character, I think that she would have some kind of particle effects that encompasses whichever part of her body she is taking the biological kinesis from. This could just be a thing that is seen only by the player, but I think it would be better if it was seen by people who could sense the ‘aura’.


Signature Move:

Her general signature move will be related to the smoking habit, she will often mimic holding a cigarette in her hand. She does this without knowing it; it is a comfort to her, this links to her self-consciousness and endless worrying.

Her signature battle move will be a full body kinesis energy blast.


Dialogue Style:

Well-spoken due to her upbringing, also in the game level itself she will find it difficult to piece sentences together, this is caused by her fear of heights, her general shaken up state and the situation itself.



I guess this would refer to her style of speech, the only way I can think to describe it is, she is well-spoken but doesn’t sound like a posh know it all. She has a very considerate tone as well.


How does she die? And where?:

Her death is the final piece of motivation for the hero/protagonist, it happens around ¾ into the game. She dies at the hands of the 2nd to last ‘boss’, giving the hero just enough power to continue through to the end of the game. The killer should have something to do with her involvement in the story, maybe he or she thought through the whole plan, to this point in time, possibly knowing that they were to die as well.


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