From Maya To Unity – Objects

In today’s session we have been left to our own devices to follow a tutorial on how to bring objects from Maya into Unity.

An important thing to note is that you need to set up the fbx file format in the export selection settings. This is fairly simple to do as you just go into the plug-in manager and make sure that both check boxes are ticked.

The file will save as a .fbx format in the scenes area of the project currently set.

Once in unity you have to remember to import the texture file aswell, as this needs to be assigned to a new material.


As you can see the three crates have come into Unity perfectly. the whole process was very simple as well and didn’t take any time at all.

The above shows the three boxes in game view, I thing to note with bringing objects into Unity is that you can actually walk through them initially, but if you add a mesh collider to the object then it solves the problem.

this box shows how the project window looks with the new added items in. You can also just grab one of the items and place that in the scene. This means that you can bring over a lot of objects at the same time and separate themas you please.


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