Character Colour Sheet

I did this character colour board a while ago to get a feel for what style to go for. I have made notes on the actual image as to what I was thinking at the time. Looking back, I am confident that the final image number 10 is the way forward. Even, though after getting feedback, most people said that it was slightly too Tron, to combat this I have altered the colour of the blue so that it is more green based, more like ocean blue. This decision took place as I needed an outfit that the player could associate with work, and the grey one seems the obvious choice, as we tend to associate business with suits in blacks and greys. The other colours I explored were too vibrant or too attention seeking for the feel and theme of the game that I want to achieve, so they would be counter-reactive. I do love the bright blue one, but I don’t really think it will suit the environment. Especially as I am trying to create the feeling of a fully controlled city, in which everything would have to pass a quality and rated assurance. This means that the whole environment will be assured by the people in charge, it will be very universal to the city, as this will enforce the idea that they are trying to control everything and generalise everyone; this in turn would link back to the clothing as this too will be controlled – hence why the grey one is the right choice!


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