Ideas of government/leader mistrust within media

For my concept I have been looking at several sources of media that have themes of government mistrust and false claims, as it is a keen theme for the overall game so some elements will spill into the level I am building. Here are a few of the references I have been looking at:


Not exactly a direct link but the Fallout back story does have room for this concept. The idea behind the games is that the world was suffering from a shortage of non-renewable energy sources, this led to year of world wars, known as the Resource Wars. After this, one October a massive 2 hour nuclear war breaks out, which wipes out all major cities in the world. From this the whole infrastructure of the world has broken down and any survivors are left to their own devices. This style of social order is often rife with corruption and disorder.

The Matrix

The Matrix is a good example of how a back story features a governmental lie/conspiracy As the story progresses Neo (protagonist) begins to realise how the world he is living in is a lie, as it is purely a virtual world created by a computer.

Most films/games etc that feature these themes of mistrust and in-justice often use them as an overall plotline. The protagonist often has to overcome the bad production that has been formed from the negative side of the leader. Whether this is a small part of the conspiracy or a big part of it.

It is rather reassuring to know that this a common thing within the media, as it will be easily recognisable to the players.


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