References – Deus Ex (2000)

For my concept work I have looked over many different films and games to get a few base ideas to work with, as I forgot to blog as I go along, these few posts are a collection on what I have gathered so far.

Deus Ex (2000)

“A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world, but the world left them behind a long time ago. We are the future.”

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Even though this game is over 10 years old, with graphics to match, it holds some basic key things that fit in with my concept. Above is a piece of gameplay footage found on youtube, it gives us an insight into the story behind the game but I shall delve into that later. What is important about the video, is the gameplay shown. Straight away you can see that it follows a RPG style of item collection and story progression, this is interesting for my level as I will need to figure out how to make this fit into my design. How easy is it to actually insert a point and click element within Unity? The second interesting thing about the video is the scene and the setting. I’m not one to judge but is it only me that thinks that the level is rather large? Especially in comparison to the human’s shown, the whole level feels really oversized. This element is interesting as it is usually used within games to create a sense of isolation;this trend is also often seen in sci-fi as a genre, think Dead Space and the Ishimura, whilst cruising around those corridors I couldn’t even comprehend what else was in the ship as it was massive. The only real sight of scale was chapter 3 where you enter into the ship to start-up a generator or something, (I wasn’t following the storyline – I was too on guard peering around the room for necromorphs). Anyways,the level allows you to see down into a black cavern of nothing-ness, yet you know that something lurks down there, as you hear loud grunting noises echoing around. So, large areas are good! This makes me think that I should maybe re-scale my apartment as I am currently only using 1/5 of the allowed area.

The other thing that is interesting about the setting of the clip of Deus Ex is the mood. The eerie music combined with the overcast sky and the time of day really emphasises the foreboding presence. It sets the scene for the game and matches to the theme of the concept.This is something that I need to look into more as I am currently stuck as to the music and sound within the level.

Finally, I also have taken note to the story concept of Deus Ex, as it has a lot in common with what I want mine to be like.

Deus Ex is set in a dystopian future that is based heavily on present day conspiracy theories. It depicts a society that is falling slowly into chaos due to a plague known as the ‘Grey Death’. A vaccine is available but because it is in short supply, it is only available to people who are deemed ‘vital to the social order’, which in itself means that only the government, military, rich, influential, scientists and intellectual elite. This idea follows closely to what I am aiming for, a dystopian future in which money and power equal everything. The fact that deus Ex takes present conspiracies into its narrative, is quite interesting as after looking at other dystopian mediums I found that most people do relate it to present day. I hadn’t really considered this before, but maybe my game is set within a current state of what the past believed would be a dystopian future. So, instead of it just being the 80’s inspired future, it is in fact modern-day with all the negatives ideas and conspiracies that were around in the 70’s/80’s.



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