The Concept Art – Magic

I have finally finished one of the pieces of concept art for my character. This follows the theme of her being a futuristic mage, the image is meant as an action pose that will emphasize her personality to the player.

I took an original drawing from a reference photo into Photoshop, and dabbled around abit with the legs. I seem to be having quite a few problems with the legs move ability as the dress is very restricting of the movement. After messing about for about half an hour I gave up and decided that the legs should just be straight. This meant that instead of the image being a mid-action stance, it is more of a taunt. She is saying ‘look at me, look what I can do’, which for the game itself, I think is a valuable asset. Mainly because modern games often drop hints to the target audience to get them interested. For instance, what I am doing is saying, “Yes it is a game based in the future”, then I show you this image of a girl casting magic, your immediate reaction is “How has the sci-fi and fantasy come together? What type of magic is it? and can it be used in game?” Simply, from one image it sparks up so much interest and wonder into the game itself.

The image I used as a reference was simply a quick photo that I took of Lauren, a friend on my course.I didn’t draw from it exactly though as I want the character to be slightly ‘cartoon’ as opposed to full photo-realism.

After throwing some base colours onto the image, I dabbled with the hue/saturation for the  dress colour highlights and the under eye make-up. this is because after getting feedback from my colour sheet, I realised that using a bright neon blue would be too similar to Tron, so I altered it to be a turquoise/green colour. This fits in with all the notes I made on the colour sheet, as to why it needs to be a green/blue colour, plus it also semi-matches her green eye colour. I suppose, I am going down the route of making a character have a single noticeable colour again!

After adding in all the shading and highlights, I popped in a black background and began the cleaning up process. I really liked how the image had turned out, but I wanted it to be more stylised and accurate, this meant making the whole image glow in a purple light made by the magic.

To do this I kind of cheated a little and took an easy way out. Basically I had three options:

1. use the brush to tint all the shading into the right shade of purple

2. use lighting effects to make the orbs appear to be emitting a radial light.

3. use a filter on the layer in the right colour.

I opted for option 3, as it saved me time and it actually did what I wanted it to. Now, I know it isn’t perfect, but as an image I reckon it works.

Overall as an image I think it encompasses exactly what it needs to. You can tell that she is capable of some kind of ‘magical’ power. The colour purple was used because of what it signifies, these are spirituality, royalty and mystery. I think the spiritual and mystery connotations speak for themselves in terms of my character development. Another reason is because of how purple is made on the colour chart, you mix a really warm colour (red), with a really cool colour (blue), this idea of mixing the hot and the cold together links to the way that the magic is formed internally. Inside the body, the unused energy is mixed with the current kinesis energy to create an ‘active force’.

The pose/stance is important as you get a feel of the character from it, the way she is sort of leering at the viewer makes it seem intimidating, yet, her facial expression is somewhat inviting. I think it suits her character personality well, it makes her more of a fighter – playable character.


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