Silhouette’s of Environment – Building Ideas

After finding this idea in the Game Level Design book I have been reading, I decided to mock-up some basic idea of the environment. This is because even though we are meant to have handed in our full design portfolio, I feel that I sacrificed my environment work as I was focussing on the character.

I found this exercise very useful as I was able to actual get more of an idea as to where my overall game style and design is going. I tried to follow the books idea of just go for as many as you can in as little time, but I did struggle. I found myself stuck at first, it was one of those moments when you know that the idea you have in your head is going to be completely different to what you draw on paper. I also, found it hard not to think about the overall mass of the buildings, I was asking myself, what texture would this have? When the exercise was simple about shape.

This is my finished page of ideas. As you can see it is very roughly sketched out. I think it is definitely the right way forward to have this smooth circular shape to the buildings, as this follows on from my research into this retro futuristic style.

Part of me really likes the bottom right idea, as it is so simple yet so authoritative at the same time. It casts a sense of foreboding, so this one should probably be used in the game as one of the levels in which the player finds out lots of info into the conspiracy. In the level I am creating I think it should definitely be part of the visible skybox of the city, it should be positioned so it is looming in the distance. Sort of like en easter egg, to see if the players recognise it from the original silhouette in the distance.

I like the bottom left idea also, as it is very idealistic of what I would like the city to be like. I want the social divide to be obvious to the player, so what better way than to fully separate the two environments that these people live in. The moon workers will live in the higher tier of the city, where they have adapted the old original buildings with bridges, thus giving them no reason to enter the ground level. The lower levels of the city are inhabited by the sun workers, I would like this are to be overcast with a mist/fog in the game. This will show the poorer working conditions, they are forced to live in and amongst all the pollution of the city.

This idea reminds me of Metropolis.

There are a lot of similarities between the film and my game idea. The idea of the segregation between the workers and the owners in a capitalistic future dystopian. It is a good reference, but it does make me think that the more I go into detail about this game, the more it becomes apparent that it is so similar to loads of other things out there in the media. I’m not sure whether this is good or bad…


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