3D Mock Up of Environment

I have spent my morning building a white mock up of my environment in Unity. I choose to do this before I began building in Maya as I was not confident with my scale drawing, I have never been good at them, and often find it more useful building them in 3D to make sure that it is correct. I choose Unity as my software tool as it allowed me to walk around whilst building to make sure that I was using a realistic scale, it also helps me get an idea of how confined the space is or how open! Amazingly my scale was pretty accurate, even though at first I thought that the 3 meter wall was too small, but it actually wasn’t. Me+Scale=Brain Pain.

I relied fully on the scale boxes in the inspector as they allowed me to get an accurate realisation.

Slowly, piece by piece it started to come together. At first I made all the rooms to size, and made sure the first person controller could maneuver around the place. Here is a screen recording of this.

As you can see the character can move around the area easily, so the scale is right for room size.

Finally I added in some of the furniture to give it  a realistic feel, and simply to see how the first person fits in the rooms, for instance the kitchen is nice and cosy, whilst the office feels quite cramped and daunting, I think this will add to the feel of the game though; it is a murder scene after all.
Here is a final walk though with the furniture:


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