I’m on a roll, or maybe I’m just addicted to Maya??

So, I have been working on my model for a good few solid hours now, and even though it is knocking on, I can’t seem to tear myself away from the screen! I have made a tad of progress since my post earlier.

Finally got the collar done! Think that will be my last piece of clothing modelling, the only thing I can think of is the parts where you can see her shoulders but I think that I will just add this is as a texture. This way it saves me having to create a load of extra edge loops just for a minor bit of detail. Overall I am happy with the way that my model has turned out so far. I’m glad that it is finally nearly finished even though I’m dreading the rig and animation side of this project.

This is my first attempt at modelling the hair, it was simply a test of how I should approach the challenge. It was fairly simple, my only problem is I find it hard figuring out where is the best place for edge loops etc, I’m trying to make my model efficient but most of the time I’m just guessing. I suppose practice makes perfect.

After messing around I began on my actual real hair attempt, I selected the faces on the top of the head and separated through the mesh menu. Then I have extruded the areas necessary to form the shape.  Out of all of the modelling I have done for this character, this is the part I am struggling with the most. It is sort of taking shape, but I struggling with keeping the geometry ‘clean’, at the moment I keep getting confused because it is all over the place…

I also noticed this earlier, my current polycount is supposedly 24322, I have a feeling that this is incorrect as I remember that when I last checked it at college it was around 1000 with half the body done. I think that my setting’s at home have gone a little crazy as it is only 800 polys when un-smooth but as soon as you smooth it bumps up to like 20,000. I don’t know what I have done, but I shall double-check at college tommorow to make sure that I haven’t somehow gotten over double the allowed amount of polygons!


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