Helping out at Leeds Digital Festival

I recently followed up a lead on some experience based in Leeds, Helping out set up an event for Leeds Digital Festival. Overall the day was quite productive, we were asked to help the organisers of the event with a few last minute touches. It gave me the opportunity to meet similar minded people within the industry which is always a good thing. this was conducted as by helping out I was invited to go to the actual networking events taking place at the festival. This was a good opportunity for me eve though I wish I had had our lessons with Bridget earlier as I would have been less awkward when approaching people to talk about their work. Even though the outcome of this was a good thing as it has given me valuable experience of networking, I believe that it did come at  a price. The only things we actually did to help were simple mundane tasks, so I did end up getting behind both  my Critical and Theoretical studies and my Creative Practice lessons, as I missed that day.

I suppose what I need to consider more when these opportunities arise is how much it will effect my coursework and whether that is a reasonable amount in terms of what I get out of it in the end.


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